22 - Websites

Designed, developed, and directed creation of hundreds of websites for a wide variety of clients spanning Music, Sport, Law, Government, Fashion, Museum, Nonprofit, Publishing, and TV.


Including: Atlantic Music, Chevy, Dave Matthews Band, Delerium, Dido, Enrique Iglesias, For The Kids – VH1, Foreigner, Iman, International High IQ Society, Jars of Clay, Landing Pages for Sony/BMG/Universal/RCA, MADE Studios, Micaela Rossato Photography, Moby, Modeling – Colin Egglesfield, Museum of Modern Art – MOMA Builds, Nelly, NerdNYC, Nettwerk, New York Restoration Project, Promethean Asset Management, Rolling Stone Radio, Roswell, Sarah Mclachlan, Stone | Rosenblatt | Cha – Law, The Barenaked Ladies, Vegan Latina, Whitney Museum of American Art – Bitstreams, etc.

✔ Creative Direction
✔ Design: Graphic
✔ Design: Web
✔ Code: CSS
✔ Code: HTML
✔ Code: JavaScript
✔ Software: Illustrator
✔ Software: Photoshop
✔ Software: WordPress