02 - Tedx - Presentation

Shanti Bhavan (SB) helps children, the poorest of the poor, finally break the cycle of poverty. SB is one of most successful organizations in truly making long-term impact.



  • Design a TEDx talk to communicate SB’s unique value.
  • SB is relatively unknown and perceived as relatively expensive.
  • Potential backers suffer from donor fatigue.
  • Statistics that measure nonprofit success can skew short-term, making cheaper alternatives seem more desirable, even if they may be less successful long-term.


  • Humanize SB via Amrutha’ story (see images above) to emotionally connect with donors.
  • Put the cost per child into perspective (less than a single Starbucks vente Latte).
  • Back up SB’s success with objective data and results.
  • Showcase SB students earning jobs at Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, working towards becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, and social entrepreneurs. Show SB students teaching other children during their vacations and sending money back home to immediately uplift their families from poverty.
  • Engage donor’s imaginations and relate SB’s challenges directly to their personal lives. Where would you be right now, where would your friends and family be, if your only education was basic literacy? What if you stopped going to school at 10 years old? Where would you be?
  • Re-contextualize popular nonprofit buzzwords: sustainable and impact. Where do the children of basic literacy programs end up in 5 years? Where are they in 10 years? With over 1.4 billion people living in poverty, is it sustainable to keep churning kids through a system that does not work? Is it enough to grab headlines and say a program has taught 10,000 kids to read and write? What’s the actual impact for those children and their future?


  • Reached thousands of potential new donors.
  • Increased donations.
  • Expanded understanding of SB’s model, what it costs, why it works, and why it’s worth it.
  • Motivated donors to demand more from their investments and think long-term.
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