Shanti Bhavan (SB) helps children, the poorest of the poor, finally break the cycle of poverty. SB is one of most successful organizations in truly making long-term impact.



  • Design a mobile app for SB sponsors.
  • Show existing sponsors the value they help SB create.
  • Show potential sponsors how they can become part of that value.
  • Make SB more than just another statistic to be measured and compared.


  • Customize visual interface to individual sponsors, featuring the children they have helped.
  • Show and link SB’s growth to sponsor behaviors. Focus visuals on classes, graduates, and graduates’ success after SB.
  • Built interface around interfaces the average sponsor is already accustomed to. Sponsors are busier than most and often use mobile apps while distracted or multitasking. Minimize interface elements, make photo rich, reinforce themes to direct attention via icons, make the majority of the interface grayscale so that colored notifications stand out.
  • Show that real change is possible and sponsor’s actions matter. Focus on quality, not quantity, but rather impact. Show how SB takes a few children and give them the best care, a world class education, and instill community values so they will become the leaders of tomorrow and carry with them hundreds of others – their families, their community, and future generations. With a 100 Shanti Bhavans, we could break 2,000 years of social discrimination in only 50 years.
✔ Creative Direction
✔ Design: Brand
✔ Design: Graphic
✔ Design: Information
✔ Design: Interface
✔ Design: User Experience
✔ Design: Web
✔ Code: CSS
✔ Code: HTML
✔ Code: JavaScript
✔ Management: Agile
✔ Management: Brainstorming
✔ Software: Basecamp
✔ Software: Photoshop
✔ Testing: Usability