03 - Nike Foundation - Games

Design games in Ethiopia for Girl Effect on behalf of the Nike Foundation to help hundreds of adolescent girls (ages 10-19) help themselves.



  • 4% Ethiopian girls finish school.
  • 59% rural girls marry before 18.
  • 50% of girls believe “husbands beating wives is justified”.
  • 21% of girls have no friends.


  • Focus on helping girls directly because even only one extra year of secondary school boosts girl’s wages by 25% and girls reinvest 90% of their earnings back into their families.
  • Design games that help Ethiopian girls practice: 1. Building trust with other girls, 2. Speaking out against gender-based violence, 3. Financial literacy, and 4. Teamwork.
  • Games must 1. Be easy to learn, teach, and spread, 2. Not rely on literacy, 3. Focus on local culture of play, 4. Use locally replaceable components, 5. Support optionally discreet play while completing chores.
  • Extensively field test 20 games with over 100 girls directly in the field in Ethiopia.


  • Girls strengthened their connection to each other and ability to work together.
  • Girls learned basic resource management skills in low-risk conditions while learning the importance of future planning in a short time frame.
  • Girls safely explored and brainstormed how to make change in their own lives and how those choices can have consequences using fictional stories as alibi.
  • Created research report on what worked, what didn’t, and why to be used as a toolkit to create new games.
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