17 - Nasa - App

NASA wanted to Increase the public’s awareness and understanding of the International Space Station (ISS), explain how the ISS fits into the context of human space flight, relate the ISS value to people here on earth, and give people a reason to return to the site for updates on the space station.



  • Show the human side of NASA missions: life in space and the people behind the spacesuits with shared hopes and dreams working together for a higher common goal.
  • Design incorporating clean gridlines, codes and diagrams, and fonts with a tech edge to contrast and give focus to the more human elements, including the ability to browse via images of human faces.
  • A “Personal Space” area featuring portraits of astronauts and profiles of their daily lives.
  • Complimentary video documentary.
✔ Creative Direction
✔ Contract Negotiations
✔ Design: Graphic
✔ Design: Video
✔ Management: Brainstorming
✔ Management: Project
✔ Management: Team Building
✔ Software: After Effects
✔ Software: Illustrator
✔ Software: Photoshop
✔ Software: Premiere / Final Cut