13 - History Channel - Game

Designed game for the History Channel as a way to advertise shows for their upcoming Heavy Metal month.


Built the game system from scratch to fit the History Channel’s specified target audience. Quickly prototyped the system using Excel scripting to save time without committing to full development before all details were in place and approved by the stakeholders. Game was specifically engineered to encourage repeat play as you could compete against other users, save your car, buy upgrades, and customize your look and feel.


Heavy Metal 500 was a success, played by well over 100,000 users and appealed on both an emotionally level (cool graphics, sounds, and special effects) and on an analytical level (fun math to min max in an attempt to compete and score highest on the leaderboards).

✔ Creative Direction
✔ Contract Negotiations
✔ Design: Game
✔ Design: Graphic
✔ Design: Illustration
✔ Design: Web
✔ Code: CSS
✔ Code: HTML
✔ Code: JavaScript
✔ Management: Brainstorming
✔ Management: Project
✔ Management: Team Building
✔ Software: After Effects
✔ Software: Excel
✔ Software: Illustrator
✔ Software: Photoshop
✔ Testing: Usability