04 - Cookbook - Illustrations

Step by step illustrated cooking instructions for Vegan Eats World and Viva Vegan.



  • Cookbooks are still popular items purchased via traditional physical retail. How can we attract customer’s divided attention browsing crowded book shelves?
  • Surveys show customers feel text instructions alone don’t always do enough to teach them how to make recipes.


  • Studies prove that visuals are more likely to attract a customer’s attention than text alone. Photos are the number one way to grab attention while browsing but with more cookbooks filling their pages with photos we needed an advantage to stand out. Thus we included illustrations that both increased the number of visual elements available to browse but also allowed us to quickly communicate our own unique style.
  • While instructional videos are the best way to address customer confidence, not all of our potential audience has access to the relevant technologies in their kitchens. These illustrations help win customer trust that enough information has been provided that they can replicate the recipes with minimal effort and great success.
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