05 - Cookbook - Creative

Provided creative consultation for six best-selling cookbooks for Perseus Books: “Vegan Eats World”, “Viva Vegan”, “Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar”, “Vegan Pie In The Sky”, and “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World”.



  • Make the Vegetarian lifestyle approachable, easy, and fun.


  • Focus on the positive to lower barriers of entry and increase accessibility from the visual style to writing and every element of production.
  • Remove negative elements or anything that might be perceived as preachy.


  • These books helped created a new cookbook market selling well over half a million copies.
  • Increased exposure to both environmental sustainability and animal rights causes among people from all walks of life… full-time Vegetarians, part-time Vegetarians, those who are Vegetarian curious, and even non-Vegetarians looking to expand their cooking repartee with options that are both healthy and delicious.
  • In addition to frequent 4 and 5 start reviews, these books are also beloved by celebrities including Jessica Alba, Michelle Obama, and Alicia Silverstone who help spread the love and raise awareness.
✔ Creative Consultation
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✔ Design: Graphic
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✔ Design: Web
✔ Code: CSS
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