15 - Avril Lavigne - Manga

Directed creative strategy for Avril Lavigne’s Make 5 Wishes, a manga style comic book. In addition to the print comic (written by Joshua Dysart, art by Camilla D’Errico), we designed companion animated motion comic books in After Effects to be sold via USB sticks at Avril Lavigne concerts and distributed over mobile devices across international markets. In tandem with the international strategy, we worked with Avril to record soundtracks in multiple languages to complement each market.
✔ Art Direction
✔ Design: Graphic
✔ Design: Video
✔ Design: Web
✔ Code: CSS
✔ Code: HTML
✔ Code: JavaScript
✔ Management: Project
✔ Software: After Effects
✔ Software: Illustrator
✔ Software: Photoshop
✔ Software: Premiere / Final Cut